Medical and Counseling Help

The University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa community provides a variety of resources for medical and counseling assistance.

Medical Care

Emergency Care and Forensic Examinations

  • DCH Regional Medical Center is located adjacent to the campus and provides emergency care to victims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. The emergency professionals at DCH Medical Center assist in collecting physical evidence and reducing trauma to victims. For more information, see Appendix 4 of the Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • Tuscaloosa SAFE Center provides free examinations by SANE nurses free of charge to sexual assault/rape victims. The Center also provides medical care for victims, including assessment, treatment, and follow-up.
  • For students and employees at the UA-Gadsden Center, Riverview Regional Medical Center provides emergency care to Complainants of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

Non-Emergency Medical Services

  • Student Health Center provides medical services for students only including a Walk-In Clinic, Women’s Health Services, Laboratory, X-ray, and Psychiatry.
  • University Medical Center provides direct health care services to the community including family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and geriatrics, psychiatry and behavioral medicine, and women’s health. The UA Faculty-Staff Clinic is housed within UMC and provides quick and convenient non-emergency medical care to UA employees.

Counseling and Advocacy:

  • Women and Gender Resource Center offers individual and support group counseling provided by a licensed therapist or master’s level supervised counseling interns to Complainants subjected to intimate partner violence (including dating/domestic violence, stalking, and childhood physical violence) and for Complainants dealing with sexual assault (including attempted rape, rape, childhood sexual assault, and sexual harassment). These free and confidential services are available to students, faculty, staff, friends and family members of the Complainant, and for Complainants whose incident occurred on campus even if the Complainant is not associated with the University. Victim advocates are available to provide support and serve as the Complainant’s support person during the Student Title IX and Code of Student Conduct processes. The WGRC provides 24 hour on-call assistance.
  • The Counseling Center provides low cost counseling and psychological services to University students.
  • University Medical Center Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Clinic provides confidential counseling services for any member of the public.
  • UA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employee assistance and counseling program designed to provide University employees and their family members with resources for resolving work-related and personal problems. The program provides free and confidential assessment, no cost short-term counseling, and referral services.
  • Capstone Family Therapy Clinic provides the community with help in resolving personal problems by working with individuals, couples, and families in clarifying issues, exploring options, and finding solutions to problems.
  • Turning Point is an off-campus domestic violence and sexual assault service agency serving West Alabama.
  • For students and employees at the UA-Gadsden Center, Etowah County District Attorney’s Office Victim Service Officer assists in referrals for those seeking off-campus counseling and mental health services in the Gadsden area.